Our Services

We help our clients' in all project challenges through the use of formal project management processes by experienced and trained personnel enabled by project management technology. By focusing on managing program activities, expectations, and most importantly, risk, we can lead, support, and advise clients through all stages of the project life cycle..

At Plan Extra Associates Inc. we consider architecture as both process and product of planning designing and constructing form, space ambience that reflect well designed, state of art, community, green, and aesthetic considerations

As LEED certified architect we work towards providing clients with green architecture that minimizes the harmful effects on humans and environment by recommending eco friendly building solutions and construction practices

Our core services:

Architecture & Interior

We provide the following

Construction Documents
Energy Conservation
Value Engineering
Construction Observation
Construction Cost Control
ADA Compliance Services and Solutions
Re-Branding , Re-imaging
Interior Design
Project Renderings &
Environment Compliance.

  Green Design

LEED certified architect

Efficient Use of Space
Natural light & Ventilation
Adaptive reuse of Buildings
Enhancing Efficiency
Sustainable building Design
Enhancing Alternate Power resources such as Solar Power
Environmentally conscious Design


Building Life Cycle Management

Space planning
Massing and Sketching Cost Estimation
Mechanical(HVAC),Electrical and Plumbing
Structural design
Construction and Fabrication
3D Modeling
4D for Scheduling
5D for Costing


Planning & Building Permit expediting Services

Conditional Use Permit
Land Use, Subdivisions, & Permits
Administrative Approval
EIR’s, Negative, and Mitigated Declarations
Building Permits & Sign Permits
Ground ups and T.I.
Solar and Wind Permits
Certificates of Occupancy
Code Enforcement Remediation
Due Diligence/Design Testing Program for Real Estate